My Siberian Husky puppy has constant diarrhea from Pedigree puppy chow what can I feed her?

I heard giving it rice and yogurt should do the trick any suggestions?

Plain cooked white rice, yogurt, canned pure pumpkin.

Once she's better, please feed her a higher quality food. Purina Puppy Chow is absolute crap.

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  1. Floopy says:

    Plain cooked white rice, yogurt, canned pure pumpkin.

    Once she's better, please feed her a higher quality food. Purina Puppy Chow is absolute crap.
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  2. Pie is good says:

    Feed her Innova Evo or Canidea or raw meat.
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  3. kaleyischill says:

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  4. Mutt Mommy says:

    Yogurt not so much… canned pumpkin (100% pumpkin) will do the trick. Even better, put her on a rice and boiled chicken diet. When her diarrhea subsides, gradually switch her over to a higher quality food (Innova, Canidae, Timberwolf Organics, Merrick, Wellness, etc.) over about a weeks span. If you do a quick change, she'll get diarrhea again.
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  5. mishi h says:

    My moms dog also has this problem. Rice works good, and i think she also mixed half with regular dog food. They also love fish.
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  6. dobby says:, is a good website to look at. if you change your dogs food abruptly or even giving it table scraps can affect your dogs bowel movements. it will give him diarrhea.
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  7. melissaw77 says:

    Pedigree is crap food. Look at food labels and make sure meat is the first ingredient in any food you give your dog, not rice, corn, or wheat. iambs, Science Diet, Eukanuba, there are tons of good brands, ask your vet. Make sure the pup is getting plenty of fluid or you will be dealing with dehydration also.
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  8. LuvMyBT! says:

    I am not an expert about diarreah but once she is better please switch to a better quality food. Check out and do some research.

    Solid Gold
    Blue Buffalo
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  9. Paula B says:

    I would go to the vet too. Just to be sure. Pups can soon get really ill. Vet will reassure you too.
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  10. NicoleMarie0123 says:

    Dont give your dog pedigree when I first got my pekingese puppy I gave her some of that food and she was throwing up for a week and had the runs: I would recomend for you to take your dog to the vet but if that is not possible, rice will do the trick
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  11. darbygirl says:

    I have a very healthy 13 year old shih tzu and I never fed him dog food .once a week I boil 3 chicken legs and 1 carrot (remove the meat from the bones) and then I boil amixture of brown rice and white rice in the liquid from the chicken. When the rice is cooked and cooled I mix everything together and put his daily food in freezer bags. I take it out in the morning so it is thawed for his dinner. Sometimes if it is still too cold I nuke it .
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  12. Susan M says:

    Change of diet like you suggested may help, but I would check with the vet ASAP to make sure the pup didn't chew on/swallow some thing that is causing this.

    I would cut way back on the amount of food
    first thing to slow or stop the diarrhea right away. Call the vet, then make some rice or oatmeal and add cottage cheese or yogurt.
    Just give a couple of tablespoons for a day or two to make sure the diarrhea is gone.

    Diarrhea can have many causes. Some aren't too bad, some are deadly. You need to know what you dealing with.

    On the subject of huskies, please make sure you socialize this pup to other animals
    and work very had on "come". Huskies can have a strong prey drive and/or take off in a heart beat.
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    I have had a number of huskies and was going to start breeding them until the female I was going to breed turned out to be a cold blooded killer of any small animals. I would not have believed the speed and intuition of this dog in her kills if I hadn't lived through it.
    I love huskies, but I have great respect for their instinctual drives.

  13. Angela H says:

    I always recommend Wellness. (Linked below) There are a LOT of really good brands out there (and many more bad brands), but Wellness for me is one that's still pretty easy to find, and isn't TOO expensive. They also have allergy formulas in case the diarrhea is from a food allergy. You could probably request samples from the company.

    You may want to bring her in to make sure she doesn't have any parasites or viruses.

    Make sure she's getting enough water so she doesn't get dehydrated from the diarrhea.
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  14. pitterpat says:

    Innova, Canidae, California Natural, Wellness. Look at the ingredients. The protein should be mostly animal protein. Avoid wheat, corn, and soy. They can cause allergies. Lamb, duck, rice and oatmeal are all good ingredients for digestion problems. Just remember when you switch foods to do it gradually. Make sure you add the new food to the old food, gradually increasing the new and decreasing the old. A sudden change, especially to something of better quality can cause more digestive upset. If you have more questions, go to a pet store that specializes in animal nutrition.
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  15. All hail Chocolate says:

    Pedigree is pretty much junk. It has nothing but filler filler filler. Try Canidae all life stages. It works excellent for my dog with allergies. And his poops is hard and easy to pick up.
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  16. Jessica W says:

    Pedigree is not a good brand of dog food. You need to make a change, once this diarrhea is under control.

    It is true, canned pumpkin should take care of it.

    Then make the switch gradually.

    I had my St. Bernard on Science Diet for the first year of her life. I thought it was a good dog food because the vet recommended it. Come to find out, it's not a good dog food either. Any food that has corn in it is bad, because dog's cannot digest corn. It's just a filler in the dog food that runs right through their bodies.

    When she was a year old, I switched over to the Science Diet adult dog food and she started breaking out in rashes all over her body. She chewed her feet until they were bleeding and blistered. The vet found out she had a corn allergy.

    I switched over to Solid Gold Wolf King (the large breed formula.) The meats used are salmon & bison. There is no corn, wheat, or beef in it, which are common food allergins for dogs.

    I would definitely recommend trying this food. It's awesome!

    She recently started breaking out again, and chewing her paws this past summer and I found out that she had been sneaking upstairs into my sister's dogs food which was NutroMax and it was upsetting her again. After my sister saw what it was doing to my dog, she switched over to Solid Gold for her dog as well.

    Good luck getting her puppy better!
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  17. actormyk says:

    Canned pumpkin pie filler has the unique quality of being able to harden and soften stool, whichever is required. Then try a different dogfood; however, Pedigree is not junk food. It just may not agree with YOUR dog
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  18. Amy M says:

    First make sure your puppies diarrhea is not due to some sort of illness. Have the vet check her. There is a great book called, "Dr Pitcairns Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats" that has great food recipes in it. You cannot feed just raw meat, there has to be other things in it. Any food you get from a grocery store is crap. Canidae, Innova, Anmar, Matrix, California Natural and homemade meals done correctly are the best. Your dog may have an allergy to corn or wheat, that's very common. Huskies can be very difficult to deal with, so please start obedience classes early. I would stay away from yogurt but give good quality non-dairy probiotics from the health food store. If it's not refrigerated it's probably useless. Good luck.
    PS Pedigree is crap food. Look at the ingredients. Your dog does not need half of what's in there. As someone who has had a lot of veterinary clinical experience, I can say that stopping Pedigree has resulted in many conditions such as skin and digestive problems clear up.
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    Vet tech

  19. down with animal cruelty says:

    Nature's Variety
    Natural Balance
    Natural raw diet

    The listed diets are by far the best. Don't take a vet's recommendations unless he/she is trained professionally in animal nutrition.
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