Is it possible to leave a Siberian husky outside in a fenced yard?

I am the owner of a 14 month old siberian husky named Nova. She is a sweet little fluff but loves to run, we take her to the park about 6 times a week but I often feel that is not enough even with a few walks a day. She is an energy beast and somewhat of a houdini dog, she somehow manages to get out of her crate when locked in for longer than 10 minutes. I am to the point where I have to lock her in the kennel with my bike lock for added security. She doesnt mind going in the kennel when we are in the house, but if she knows that we are leaving the hose she throws a fit. I am wondering if it would be possible to build a fence around the perimeter of the house cemting the edges in to see if she would stay, but as that is a lot of work I am wondering if it would be worth it, or if she would just "houdini" her way out of it.

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  1. 1_tuff_chick says:

    She might or might not. Just depends on if she's happy and occupied inside the fence, how big/strong the fence is, and how mischevious she is.
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  2. Dream says:

    My dogs are fine in their fence, but it is a 6 foot chain link. Just pay attention and make sure there aren't any weak spots.
    Buckets and brand new cat litter boxes are great to make sure she has plenty of water.
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  3. names6 says:

    yeah thats ok to leave the dog outside make sure it can jump the fence tho? if u need to keep her on a leash that will stop her from getting to close to the fence?
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  4. berner mom says:

    She would 'Houdini' her way out of a fence.Sibes are great dogs but LOVE to play and run. Anything they see as being interesting they WILL find a way to get to it….
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  5. Patient Paws says:

    Absolutely not. Huskies are ALL Houdini's. They can get out of a concrete box, cemented inside of a plastic box, dropped underwater then buried with cars. They'll get out of it .

    The bottom of the fence needs to be lined with some type of VERY heavy block or rocks on BOTH sides to prevent digging. The fence needs to be higher than eight and a half feet, too. If possible, put an anti-jump on it (its attached and slants IN ( \ ) to prevent a dog from jumping out.

    She needs a stronger crate, too. They'll eat anything that's keeping them confined. Talk to trainers and breeders and get suggestions on how to make a better, and safer environment for her.

    Remember, no dog should ever be left in a fence unwatched and un attended, ANYTHING can happen.
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  6. Loki Wolfchild says:

    Frankly, the best solution for keeping a Siberian outside when you are not home is, IMO, a kennel run inside of a fenced in, Siberian-proofed yard.

    Yes, this can mean a chain link kennel run with a chain link "ceiling", as some Siberians will climb. And you must (MUST) have some way of preventing digging out of the yard. Some people sink the fence 6" to a foot below the soil surface. Some people use an electric wire running along the fence.

    But, you know, she may well scream and fret and find her way through all of this stuff if she's bored and lonely.

    You imply that you want to leave her in the yard so that she can exercise. Dogs alone in a yard don't exercise themselves…unless they are a Siberian trying to escape because they are bored. Otherwise, she will sleep until you get home. So keeping her inside a kennel run will not necessarily defeat the purpose of trying to exercise her. She probably wouldn't do it on her own, anyway.

    The best thing for a Siberian is, often, another dog. Siberians are pack-oriented, and if they are the "only dog", you are their pack. The get lonely when left for the day. If they have a buddy, they have part of their pack. Someone to play with and interact with, which provides them with exercise and something to keep them occupied.

    I'm not suggesting you get another dog, but Siberians really do better in homes where they have another dog buddy, or can visit a dog buddy (i.e. your neighbor, dog daycare, etc.).

    Just some ideas for you to ponder.
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    Siberian Husky owner/exhibitor, musher, rescue, breeder for 20 years.