What other breeds do well with siberian huskies?

I have a pure siberian and want to get a second dog. I'm wondering what other breeds other than siberians go well and get along best with huskies?

Samoyeds are the best!

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  1. Annie says:

    Samoyeds are the best!
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  2. animalover88131 says:

    Normally certain breeds don't automatically get along with other breeds, it is usually the dogs' tempermant. If your dog is high energy, like many huskies, than you should get another high energy dog. If your dog is a female, I would suggest a male. An even better thing to do, is adopt from a rescue or shelter. Then your dogs can meet before you bring the new one home, and they will know much more about their tempermant.
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  3. Tiki C says:

    Never choose a dog on looks or breed. Find the BEST MATCH for your situation and lifestyle.

    Each dog's needs and personality is different.

    Go to http://www.petfinder.com and talk to rescues and shelters. Discuss your lifestyle, needs and work with an adoption counselor to find the best MATCH for your household and your dog.

    NEVER buy a dog from the pet store, or classifieds, or websites. Those are the puppy mill puppies. Big trouble!

    You need to find the right individual dog.

    See http://www.stoppuppymills.org
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  4. Casey C says:

    I second the notion of samoyeds . . .

    They really are awesome!!!
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  5. Jenn says:

    Just a general suggestion-if your dog is dominant, as alot of Siberians are (I have one), you do NOT want to get another dominant dog. There will only be fighting. Get a dog with a more submissive personality.
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  6. Mrs.Russell says:

    almost any breed as long as you get a puppy instead of a full grown dog. if you get a puppy than the dogs will most likely get along and become friends.
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    it worked for me. i have a rottweiler, a pit bull, a chihuahua, and a sharpei.

  7. grammabonney says:

    I have a husky, a great pyrneese, a saint bernard and a lhasa. They all fit well together but I did alot of research first and I took my husky with me when I got the GP, took the GP and husky when I got the saint and all three when I brought home the lhasa. Don;t go with the first dog you see just to get a second dog, go with the first dog that "fits". Trust me, you will know when it happens.
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  8. angels4siberians says:

    I would vote for another sibe of a different sex – there are dozens in rescue. If you want a different breed, I would stay in the northern lines like samoyed, eskimo, malmute or the Great Pyrenees is a comparable personality but you need to introduce any of them carefully and try to arrange a play date in advance if possible.
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  9. Wandra C says:

    I have a husky and he was so hyper I wanted a pal for him. I went to an animal welfare giveaway and saw what I thought would be the perfect pet (for me). Luckily for him, I decided to go home and get him and let him help me pick out the new addition. The dog I wanted did not like my husky AT ALL. But, there was another younger dog who looked almost exactly like the one I wanted. He fell in love with my doggie, And it was mutual. They have never fought. LOVE LOVE LOVE each other. Was the best decision I ever made.
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  10. Kecia & the Sibe sled crew says:

    As a multiple Sibe owner if you are going to go with a breed other than a Siberian you will want another breed with the same activity level. You will want to make sure that both get along, if you are going to go with another nordic type breed remember that Malamutes are usually same sex aggressive so you will for sure want to go with the opposite sex, the same thing goes with Pyrenees, both of those breeds will have a similiar activity level till about 2 for the Pyrenees and 3 for the Malamute Sibes just keep a higher activity level. I personally would go with another Sibe, but thats just my opinion other high energy breeds that would do well with your Sibe would also be Border Collies, Aussies, Labs, Boxers, Weimaraners and German Shorthair Pointers to name a few. Good luck in your search.
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    Owner, exhibitor, musher and rescuer of Siberian Huskies.